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The children of La Guajira, Colombia are dying of malnutrition. On July 12, civil society groups will come together in the "Marcha de Mantas Rojas" – a follow-up to the Mantas Negras protest and the May 1 March to demand that the Cerrejón mining corporation and the Colombian government stop exploiting their territory and water. AND, THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

Over the last eight years, child malnutrition in La Guajira has reached staggering levels, leading to almost 5,000 unnecessary child deaths.  27 % of La Guajira's children suffer from chronic malnutrition.  This is no accident. Since 1984, the Cerrejón open pit coalmine has deforested 12, 000 hectares of land, displaced thousands of Afro-Colombian and indigenous people from their territories, and taken over traditional hunting and gathering lands. Before the arrival of the mine, rural families were not only able to provide for themselves, but also produced agricultural products for the rest of the country. Now, people who always had food sovereignty are facing massive food insecurity.  At the same time, the world’s largest open pit coalmine is preparing to divert the Arroyo Bruno, a tributary stream that provides life-sustaining water to thousands of people, animals, and small farms

Together, we can help the people of La Guarjira to save the lives of their children by ensuring that their voices are heard on July 12!  Your donation to this campaign will support the transportation of marchers and their necessities. Generous and concerned organizations and businesses have already donated the cloth needed to make the marchers’ red mantas, as well as food. We only need to move these goods from Bogota to La Guajira, which will require contracting a trucking company to make the 1,000 km journey. Your contributions will also help to move people from the Alta Guajira region to where the march takes place in Southern Guajira. Given the dismal quality of roads and the extreme poverty in the area, this is no easy task! The $1000 is a basic goal, but in reality this event will require many thousands of dollars. Your donation can help make it possible.

Thank you for joining with us by donating and telling the Colombian state and Cerrejón Mining Company that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Together, we can help save children’s lives in La Guajira, Colombia.

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